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§  Brand Management and Corporate Branding – Charismatic leader with a true marketer’s understanding of brands and how they should be managed and nurtured.

o   As a Director, Japan, and Communications Vice President, North East Asia and Oceania at Tetra Pak Japan (North East Asia and Oceania), orchestrated corporate brand management from Korea to Oceania.

o   Played a key role in driving development and rollout of 3 major global projects in the past 4 years.


§  Corporate Communications and Corporate Identity – Accomplished professional leading the definition and execution of top priority cross-functional corporate identity and effectively developing a corporate communication management framework.

o   Spearheaded the development of a fact-based foundation for future communications strategy resulting in a Reputation Management programme now utilised as a global standard to nurture new business and rationalise objective-marked marketing investment.

o   Led all regional communications in the areas of innovation, product launches and press/public events ensuring effective management of both external and internal resources.

o   As a Business Development and Communications Director at Tetra Pak Korea outmanoeuvred militant Korean trade unions in closure of factory by implementing a communications strategy that gained empathy from local press, understanding from customers, minimal loss of internal morale and successful protection of corporate reputation.

o   As Assistant Vice President Group Marketing at Balubaid & Co, led the creation and launch of a new group corporate identity still in effect 14 years later.

o   As a Director at Minara specialised in corporate identity in heavy industry, financial, healthcare, catering and FMCG sectors.


§  Integrated Marketing, Business Strategy and New Business Development – Genuine ‘solution-finder’ developing innovative yet ‘real-world’ solutions. Highly energetic with international communications expertise and a sound understanding of how communications and integrated marketing drives business results.

o   As Director, Japan, and Communications Vice President North East Asia and Oceania at Tetra Pak Japan, created a regional strategy that favourably influenced society, government, retailers and key opinion leaders to actively promote business with customers.

o   As Business Development Director Middle East at Tetra Pak Middle East, led the coordination and establishment of goals for business development strategies of 5 market companies.

o   As Marketing Manager at Tetra Pak Saudi Arabia, developed a creative strategy to reposition the desirability of cartons across the Middle East.

o   As Assistant Vice President Group Marketing at Balubaid & Co, played major role in driving sales increases of 17% for the automotive division, 6.5% for the retailing division and 5.8% for logistics and transport.

o   Leading business review presentations that found common ground between the Regional Strategic Priorities and the Board’s Global Objectives.


§  Change Management and Crisis Management – Championed and implemented Business Transformation and Change Management that led directly to business turnaround as well as directing business continuity and issue management during times of strife or political imbalance.

o   As Director, Japan, and Communications Vice President North East Asia and Oceania at Tetra Pak, effectively led company’s crisis response to the recent Great Tohuku Earthquake, including developing comprehensive crisis planning, establishing back-up evacuation plans and delivering multiple daily communications to employees, customers and head office.

o   As Business Development and Communications Director at Tetra Pak Korea, successfully structured and implemented the ‘Transformation Management Initiative’ in Korea, which included setting up process orientation, implementing a change management programme for employees and embarking on a productivity drive that resulted in rejuvenated sales for the market company (+6% turnaround of the business).

o   Planned and successfully implemented a change management programme for 90 employees that changed the way business is conducted through structured processes addressing ordering, selling, and deployment.

o   Planned and led implementation of business continuity plans in areas of high political tension in the Middle East and South Korea


§  Communication Skills and Cross-Border Team Leadership – Excellent communicator, fluent in English, conversant in Arabic and able in French. Proven ability to lead and interact effectively in multicultural settings, inside and outside the organisation.  Led multiple-based global and regional teams with varying and diverse backgrounds across the Middle East and North East Asia and Oceania.


§  Reputation Management – Initiated and established reputation management.

o   As Director, Japan, and Communications Vice President North East Asia and Oceania at Tetra Pak established an innovative pilot strategy focused on introducing regional CSR programmes that delivered a 2% increase on the Reputation Institute Pulse Index for the region within 18 months and laid out the long term direction to 2020.


§  Coaching and Knowledge Transfer Developed teams globally in brand development strategy, concept selling, consumer and media research and business-based reporting resulting in direct promotion of local staff to senior positions. Oversaw effective performance appraisal linked to business objectives, competence training and staff development that contributed to divisional employee satisfaction higher than the global average.




Tengo Limited

Chief Operating Officer, Zurich, Switzerland                                                                                                                   June 2013 - 

Startup Swiss-based venture producing and marketing functional lactose-free dairy beverage for pet cats globally


Asia Pulp & paper, Jakarta, Indonesia                                                                                                              Sep 2012 – Jan 2013

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

Global leader in forestry, pulp and raw paper and packaging production with revenue of over $7 billion and 80, 000 employees based across Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Tetra Pak, Various International Locations                                                                                                    Mar 1999 – Sep 2012

Held different positions across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sweden, Korea and Japan

World’s leading liquid food processing and packaging company with 21,000 global employees and 2011 revenue of over €9.5 billion and 48 market companies covering over 160 countries worldwide. 

- Director, Japan and Communications Vice President North East Asia and Oceania at Tetra Pak Japan 

- Business Development and Communications Director, Seoul, Korea

 - Global Market Intelligence Manager, Lund, Sweden 

- Business Development Director, Middle East Region, Dubai, UAE 

- Marketing Manager, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia      


Balubaid Group (General Motors), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia                                                                         Mar 1998 – May 1999

Assistant Vice President, Group Marketing

A leading industrial and automotive group in Saudi Arabia, employing 2,500 personnel. 

§  Established the group marketing department for the automotive division, from scratch.

§  Partnered with EVP in the development of corporate identity, corporate profiling and business strategy.

§  Interfaced closely with the GM regional management team for the development of strategy, protocols, processes and structure.


Early Career

 Business Director, minara marketing & design, London, United Kingdom                                                            1992 – 1998 

Account Manager,  WZM Brand Consultancy, London, United Kingdom                                                                1988 – 1992     © Desmond Joseph 2014