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Visionary, inspirational and dynamically creative strategy-led business leader with over 25 years of experience focused on corporate brand management, marketing communications, change management and cross-border team leadership. Track record of developing break-through industry outreach strategy through leveraging the right balance of conventional Public Relations (PR), social media, customer evangelism and thought leadership, reinforcing corporate positioning and enhanced reputation while driving business priorities. Possess deep cultural empathy gained through extensive management experience in the UK, Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Northeast Asia, and Oceania.



 Strategic Council, Guidance and Leadership  Senior-Level Client Contacts/Networking  Achieving Profitability Targets  New Business Outreach and Expansion  Diverse Portfolio Business Management  B2B Strategies  Client Relations and Corporate Initiatives  Opportunity Identification  Innovative Communication Solutions  Media Planning and PR  Stakeholder Management  Consultative Selling  Advocacy and Coaching ▪ Knowledge Transfer  Performance Appraisal and Actively Addressing Competency Gap  Issue Management and Business Continuity 

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